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Welcome to this private page of the artist's web site where you can see works from the artist's solo exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia, June 5 - September 13, 2009.  (Click here to about the exhibition.) 

The following thumbnails are sized to show the relative proportions of the works to one another.  All paintings are acrylic color on canvas.

Click on image to see the image in greater detail.

    No Trespassing (442), 60 x 76 in. 

                   Campfire (458), 60 x 50 in.                          Sea of Plenty (458), 50 x 38 in.   

Peacock Diptych
                                            Above It All I (467), 48 x 36 in. LEFT        Above It All II (468), 48 x 36 in. RIGHT                                               

The Skunk (445), 38 x 48 in.                               Globalization (435), 48 x 72 in.                                      Rescue I  (436), 40 x 30 in. LEFT         
Rescue II (437), 40 x 30 in. RIGHT

      Sandcastles (470), 36 x 60 in.                                      Totem (460), 36 x 48 in.                         The Sky Is the Limit (461), 36 x 48 in.

Chameleon Diptych
Chameleon I (471) 36 x 17 in. LEFT and Chameleon II (472) 36 x 17 in. RIGHT

B a c k  t o  T o p

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