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Josephine Haden: Nobody's Real Josephine Haden uses plenty of soft, misty colors in her acrylic-on-wood paintings
. . .  But her stuff cuts through the blur . . . [with]  more emotional force.  Each consists of iconic images and small vignettes that show various stages of a woman's life from childhood through old age.  It isn't clear whether the paintings are autobiographical.

The scenes are scattered about the picture plane and backed by a misty  landscape.  But they aren't warm, fuzzy paintings.  There's an ominous undertone.  A Volvo station wagon, the preferred transport of the eco-conscious among Washington's upper middle class, sits by itself in It Hurts #1.  The rear hatch is wide open, like the gaping maw of some giant trap designed to capture rather than kill.  Suburbia as a life sentence?  Soccer moms in Hell?  Who knows? 
Ferdinand Protzman, art critic, author, and Contributing Editor for Artnews magazine

Nobody's Real, acrylic on canvas
22.5" x 26" (57 cm. x 64 cm.)

Josephine Haden: Sanctuary I Josephine Haden: Illusions Josephine Haden: Confronting My Old Demons Josephine Haden: Futurist Josephine Haden: Silence Josephine Haden: It Hurts I
Josephine Haden: Sanctuary II Josephine Haden: I Love Paris Josephine Haden: Three Muses Josephine Haden: Soft as Silk Josephine Haden: It's a Man's World Josephine Haden: Think of the Possibilities
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